Execute functions in R from your phone. This will require an open R session connected to your phone. Using this function, you can specify the functions that R will execute on your demand.

Foo_Bot(Bot_Name = NULL, Info_Loc = NULL, Token = NULL, Function_List,
  LoadMessage = "\nConnection established with R\n", KillR = TRUE,
  KillCPU = FALSE)



Name of the bot to do the sending.


Where the RDS file with your needed bot info is saved. Defaults to path.expand("~")


Token of your bot if not using the saved file call from Rbot::Add_Bot()


Function_List containing for each function: The function to be called, the call handle, as well as the message sent to Telegram.


What to display on your phone when this call is initialised


Add option to kill R from your phone. Default to TRUE


Add option to turn off your computer completely, no questions asked. Default to FALSE. Useful if working e.g. on a public CPU that you want to log out from remotely.


Switches R on to listen for Bot


# Create function list to fill with your commands.
# Each function needs a Function, Call and Message. You will be alerted if one is missing.
Function_List <- list()
First_Foo <- function(){
x <- 10
y <- 20
message("....Message 1 executed....")


Function_List$Foo1 <-
list(Function = First_Foo,
Call = "F1",  # How to call your function from Telegram
Message = "First function executed. This function sources the data fetch.")

Second_Foo <- function(){

x <- 100
y <- 20
print(x* y / 1000)
message("....Message 2 executed....")

Function_List$Foo2 <-
list(Function = Second_Foo,
       Call = "F2",  # How to call your function from Telegram
       Message = "Report is now being built.")

 Bot_Name <- "MyBot"
 Foo_Bot(Bot_Name = Bot_Name, Function_List = Function_List, LoadMessage = "My connection with R" )

# }